Yes, one word. The world of roleplaying is a little different than role space playing. Much like the honey badger, roleplay tends to follow either it’s own rules or no rules at all. Put simply roleplaying is playing the role of a character. The sense that I’ll be referring to it here it means pretending to be a character you’ve invented, either in a video game or tabletop RPG such as World of Darkness or Dungeons & Dragons.

Most of my writing here will be reposted from, where I am writing articles on roleplaying in the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online game from Zenimax Online Studios. If you don’t know anything about roleplaying or the Elder Scrolls game series, much of this will just confuse and frustrate you, maybe even cause indigestion. You have been warned.

Below are some articles that might help you better understand what madness this is.

General RP

WTF is RP Anyway?

RP Glossary

My RP History

The Elder Scrolls

Why Waste Your Time RPing?

The Birth of a Character


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