RP Glossary

Roleplaying can be very complex, to the point that special vocabulary becomes necessary. My articles are directed at Roleplayers, but hopefully this glossary will help give non-RPers a basic idea of what’s going on. As always, the best way to understand RP is to actually just do it. Until then, here ya go! I’ll add more as I think of them.

RP : Woah, back up!

RPG : Roleplaying Game.

MMO : Massively Multi-player. It means there’s a lot of people playing one giant game together over the internet. The 21st century is nuts, right?!

PC : Player Character. These are the fictional characters created and controlled by the people roleplaying them. Usually a single player portrays a single PC, but this can vary.

NPC : Non-player Character. This could be anyone from a moldy beggar to a purfumed king, NPCs are everyone the PCs are not. That’s every single character involved in the story or setting. In video games the vast majority of NPCs are represented visually, and some can be interacted with. In other RPGs (tabletop, play-by-post, etc) NPCs are controlled by a GM.

GM : Game Master, also called DM for Dungeon Master. The person who controls the environment, setting, story and NPCs. In video games GMs are usually players granted the power to GM them by other players. A GM serves as a guide and a storyteller, helping focus a roleplaying session into something more than random encounters.

IC : In Character. This means that what you are saying (or typing) is coming from your character, not you. Be it their thoughts, actions or actual words.

OOC : Out of Character. This is what you, yeah you, human! That’s what you’ve got to say. In internet roleplay IC and OOC are usually separated by having different colored text, being divided by windows or having ((brackets)) of some sort around them.

roflmaogt2tgg^ : fuck if I know


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